Among Us MOD/Hacked APK v2020.9.9 Download [100% Working]

Among us mod apk: The latest trending game on the internet is the Among US mod apk, which is searched by everyone nowadays. You can play the insanely awesome game on your phone and spice up your gaming experience.

Among Us hacked apk is an adventurous and mysterious game that you will love to play. Gear up with your crew of 10 and get ready to build your space shuttle and depart into the unknown space.

Survive the madness of killing and saving and play along. You can protect yourself along with your team from the traitors. It would help if you destroyed the participants in the game to become the winning team. Get the among us mod apk on your phone and let the chaos begin.

Among Us MOD Introduction

A crew of 10 people is ready to build a space shuttle, and you need to lead the team. Build the space shuttle with your squad and depart into the unknown space. The various challenges will test your skill and ability; you have to play through.

Among Us mod apk is a mysterious and adventurous game which have many challenges for you throughout the gameplay. It is a game having both teamwork and betrayal; you need to be very sharp.

Among us mod apk gives you even more interesting and exciting game compared to the original. This mod allows you to use the enhanced ability in the game during gameplay to beat your competitors.

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Among Us Hack APK Gameplay

Here, I have decided to tell you briefly about the game, what exactly the game is and how you have to proceed in this game. So, let’s start the briefing without wasting time.

In this game, you and your teammates need to build a space shuttle; actually, this whole game is started on a spaceship. The game is all about adventure and mystery, where you need to use your strategy sharply.

Your intelligence and patience will be tested by the challenges we are about to face in the game. Them team or squad can range from a minimum of 4 crew and up to 10 of the crew’s maximum number.

The host of the game will decide how many imposters will be there in the game. The remaining team members will be completing the specif tasks that are given to them. In the meantime, the imposters will try to murder all the crew members without letting anyone know about it.

If the imposter kills the crew members before the crew completes their tasks, then the imposter will win the game and vice versa for the crews.

Among Us Hacked APK Mod

Among us mod apk has mainly two types of play modes. One is Local play, and another is online. In both the cases, the game is a multiplayer game which you can play with your squad by teaming up.

In the online mode, you can choose to connect to different people online and make your squad. You have the options available to choose whether you want to play with strangers or you want your friends on the game with you on your squad.

The game has different servers for different locations. You can connect to random people online by joining the servers like Asia, Europe, North America, etc. You don’t need to connect a server to play the game in local mode.

Amazing Graphics of Among us mod apk

The among us mod apk game has impressive and extremely cute graphics in the game. This game is well designed and decorated to make it more enjoyable when you play it with your friends and family.

The character models of each character are uniquely designed and have their own personality, which is an excellent thing in the game. You can have a clear opinion in terms of comparison of the game with the other games.

The game has come up with very smooth visuals and excellent quality animations. You can run the game in 60fps at the maximum settings on your device. You have a clean, artistic design game environment in the game, which gives you a very good feeling.

Among us mod apk features

You guys must be eagerly waiting to know about the amazing features of the among us mod apk. I can not explain to you in words about the most amazing features of the among us mod apk. Hence, I have chosen the most awesome features to tell you here.

Unlimited meetings and chats

You have the nicest feature with the among us mod apk, which is you can arrange unlimited meetings and a chance to chat unlimited with your crews.

No Ads

No Ads

Ads are the most annoying thing that ruins a nice awesome moment we create with our friends and family when we are watching a show together or playing a multiplayer game. The best part of among us mod apk is that you won’t have to face those annoying ads ever again.

No kill cooldown in-game


There is no kill cooldown in the among us mod apk. Hence you won’t have to wait for a cooldown to kill a player.

No leave penalty feature.

Leave penalty is removed in this among us mod apk. Now, if you leave the game because of annoying players, there will be no penalty on you.

End vote enabled

End vote is enabled in this among us mod apk, which means no chance of getting ejected from the game.

Always imposter hack

You can track and identify your imposter using the imposter hack from the among us mod apk. This feature will make the game more exciting for you.

Among Us Mod Menu APK Download

You must be looking for the download link for among us mod apk download. Well, I have provided the link for you in this article. You can get the mod apk file from the download page, which you can visit by clicking the provided link.

You can easily download the among us mod apk file on your phone and install it to play with your friends and family. You will have excellent gameplay on your device with the mod apk, allowing you to use the enhanced abilities in the game.

You can follow the installation guide, which I have provided here for all of you so that you can install the game without making any mistakes. Hurry up and get the file fast, make your phone ready to play the game.

Download Among Us Mod Apk
Among Us MOD APK
NameAmong Us
Compatible with4.4
Latest version2020.9.9
DeveloperInnersloth LLC
Size69.57 MB
MOD FeatureFull Unlocked

Among us mod apk Installation guide 

Here, I have the simplest form of the instructions, which you need to follow carefully to install the among us mod apk on your phone. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully to avoid any kind of mistake.

  • STEP 1: First of all, download the among us mod apk file from the provided link.
  • STEP 2: Go to your device settings and then navigate to security. In this step, you need to make your device ready to install third-party apps from unknown sources.
  • STEP 3: Once you’re inside security settings, enable the “Unknown Sources” option by tapping on it.
  • STEP 4: Now you need to initiate the installation of the among us mod apk app. Please tap on the apk file to start installing it on your device.
  • STEP 5: It would help if you had patience as the installation process may take some time. After the installation, you can launch the App and use it.


This article presents the most awaited among us mod apk, which every one of you is looking for, and I have managed to get it for you. You can download the among us mod apk file from the provided link in this article.

I also have provided an installation guide for you so, so guys make no mistake in installing the game on your phone. You can launch the game right after the successful installation. If you have any queries, you can ping me in the comment section.

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