PUBG Mod Apk v1.1.0 Download [Wall Hack, Aim Bot, Anti-Ban]

Are you also a Pubg lover? If yes, then this article is specially dedicated to you man!! In this article, I am going to tell you about Pubg mod/ hack apk, which everyone is searching for on the internet nowadays.

You know how Pubg fever is spreading all over the world, and people, especially kids, are going crazy over Pubg these days. I know everyone wants unlimited special features on their Pubg account, which they can use during a match.

I have come up with the idea that I will provide you the Pubg mod apk file download link along with the features and descriptions on the super awesome game Pubg mod apk. Please read the article and grab your Pubg mod apk at the earliest.

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PUBG: The name describes it all

PUBG, abbreviated for PlayerUnknown’s battleGrounds, is an online multiplayer game published by the Pubg corporation whose parent company is a South Korean game company Bluehole. PUBG is a player v/s player shooter game that has been divided into many other categories in the game.

You can be in a solo v/s squad match where you can compete against players teamed up with 4 members forming a squad. You can even make your team and jump into the multiplayer battle against the other squad and take chicken dinner in the match.

The game actually follows the last man standing concept, which means the last man alive will be the winner in the game. There are some other gameplay options available too, namely custom rooms and quick match, and team deathmatches, etc.

A sneak peek into Pubg mod apk

The Pubg mod apk is rolled out from the original PUBG game packed with a lot of unbelievable features. You will have the ability to use features like invisibility, invincibility, shoot target through walls, etc. with the Pubg mod apk.

This mod apk will help you be a pro gamer on the battleground, and you can show off your awesome techniques and gaming skills among your friends. With the help of the Pubg mod apk, you can win the multiplayer matches very easily.

Be the first person to grab the Pubg mod apk, that will make you the insanely awesome gamer you ever wanted to become. This mod will help you to enhance your gaming skills like a pro. You will experience no recoil, unlimited ammunition, and other cool stuff.

The Amazing Features of Pubg Mod / Hack apk

You can get these amazing features on the Pubg mod apk file highlighted in the list.

Unlimited BP(battle points) [tested & Working].

BP in Pubg stands for the battle points, which are some kind of currency used in the game. You can use your BP to buy the resources on the game. You can earn BP after playing a game. The amount of BP awarded to you mainly depends on the skills you have performed in the game.

In the original game, you can earn a limited amount of BP; but this Pubg mod apk gives you unlimited BP in the game. Hence, you can spend any amount of BP you want when purchasing some resource in the game.

Unlimited UC(cash) [tested & working]

UC is the cash or currency used in the game that is used to buy skins or crates, or any other resources available in the game. The only way to get UC is to buy them using real-world currency. In the Pubg mod apk, you are getting unlimited UC, which you can spend on buying new items, or weapon skins, or other resources.

Shoot through walls [tested & working]

There is no other way you can have the ability to shoot your enemy through walls or other objects; only Pubg mod apk can give you the awesome ability to shoot through the walls. You can easily win every match you participate in.

Your enemies will be highlighted on your map or radar. Just be sure you don’t get noticed by other players while using the super awesome abilities.

Automatic aiming the target feature [tested & working]

You may have heard about the term “Auto-aim” somewhere in conversation about Pubg. You will automatically shoot your enemy without even spotting him with your eyes. The feature will act like a real human for you in the game, so it won’t shoot your enemy through the walls or trees, or any other objects.

Skins Unlocked completely [tested & working]

You can avail of any skins you want on your Pubg account with the Pubg mod apk. Here, all the skins are completely unlocked for you so that you can use any premium skin you want.

All the premium skins are available for free, which is the most amazing thing in the Pubg mod apk game. Use which skin you like most; there is no need for payment.

100% safe with anti-ban feature[tested & working]


This mod version of Pubg mod apk is 100% safe to use. You can play multiplayer battles on the Pubg mod apk, and it has an anti-ban facility. The anti-ban facility will protect your Pubg account from banning by the authority, and you can continuously play your game.

Root is not needed for any phone

No Root

You don’t need to root your phone for installing and using the Pubg mod apk. You can simply install the Pubg mod apk file on your phone and start playing the game. Using mod apk without rooting your phone is another awesome feature provided by the modder of the app.

Grab your PUBG Hack apk: Download the file today.

You must be searching for the Pubg mod apk file everywhere on the internet and must have tried some sites already. I also have seen many sites promised to provide working download links for downloading Pubg mod apk, but they only generate revenue through spam and ads.

As here you have reached this place, I won’t have to get disappointed with the ads. I am not going to ask you to participate in any survey in favor of providing you the working download link of the Pubg mod apk. 

Download PUBG MOD Apk
pubg mod hack apk download
APK Size60 MB
OBB File Size1.8 GB
Offered ByTencent Games
Updated On[datetoday]
Installation GuideRead Here
Telegram ChannelJoin Now!

I have provided a tested and working download link where you can actually get the Pubg mod apk file for your phone. Click on the given link to go to the download page, and you can download the Pubg mod apk file by clicking on the “Download” button.

Instructions for installing the Pubg mod apk

I have prepared a set of instructions for you so that you will never have to face any issues during the installation of the Pubg mod apk, and you can have a smooth experience while using the Pubg mod apk to explore on your phone.

Follow the instructions provided below; read the instructions carefully before you proceed.

  • STEP 1: You need to download the Pubg mod apk file from the provided link. Do remember to store the file somewhere you can easily access when required.
  • STEP 2: Make your device ready for the installation of the mod apk. You need to enable the “Unknown Source” option on the device security settings. Go to your device settings and then get inside of security settings and locate ”Unknown Sources” and tap on it to enable it.
  • STEP 3: Now go to the storage location where you have saved your Pubg mod apk file. Tap on the file to start installing the Pubg mod apk on your phone.
  • STEP 4: Wait patiently for some time as the installation process may take longer. You need to allow every time the installation process asks for permission. Tap yes when you see a prompt asking for permission.
  • STEP 5: When the installation finishes, you can start playing your Pubg mod apk on your device. Congratulations, you are going to become a pro Pubg gamer.
Disclaimer: This Pubg mod apk is not produced by me; hence this forum or I am not responsible for any kind of mishaps. This article is shared for providing knowledge only to the readers. Be careful with your actions, and you are solely responsible for all your actions.

FAQ About PUBG Hacked app

Frequantly asked questions related to Pubg hacked apk. If you have any other questions about Pubg mod then you can ask in given comment box.

Is this mod apk anti ban?

ANS: Yes, This is 100% safe and anti-ban hack modified by our developers.

Can I Use This Hack In My Primary Main Account?

ANS: Yes, you can, This hack is anti-ban & you can use this hack in your primary id. So you can also push conqueror very easily with this hack.


In this article, I have provided the Pubg mod hack apk file along with the instructions for the successful installation. Please read the instructions carefully before executing them. This post will give you a brief knowledge of the Pubg hack game.

You can ask all of your questions in the comment box; feel free to ping me on the comment section for any kind of assistance required.

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