Netflix trial
Netflix trial

During the early 20s, there was only one available and demanding source of entertainment that displayed engaging content on its screen that was not enjoyed by one but, by the entire family that placed themselves on cushions, rugs, sofa to have the biggest laugh, get emotionally sentimental and live a little family time.

Netflix trial
Netflix trial

This source was none other than the idiot box, the Television. However, today it seems to vanish with the developing media channels. With the advent of online platform coming along with advanced technology, individuals have found new approach to obtain enjoyment which is more comfortable and advantageous. They have resort to watching various shows, series, and movies on varying sources.

Indeed, these sources have allowed individuals to have less hectic schedule of reaching back home on time to preventing missing of any scene of the show. It grants them to watch shows as in when and as many times as they crave. Furthermore, the collection of content is tons of genres that can be selected according to the wishes of the user. 

Focusing upon one of the streaming apps, Netflix has been able to overpower Television but needs to be in good position to compete and win over its competitors. To be able to do so, it started a new idea.


In the attempt to get more attention to Netflix as the most favorable streaming app backing first position, Netflix began the concept of 30 days free trial. The belief of every second person to have only Netflix could have happened only when Netflix took an extra step.

Those individuals that had difficulty in arranging their final source of entertainment have decided to use this service first for experimentation whether it goes in accordance with their taste or choice.  In the hope of gaining more sign ups which would eventually end up being customers, the idea turned out to be successful as Netflix has become popular source today.

The way to experience the 30 days free trial is by following the steps which are given below:-

  1. Open Google and start typing which would take you to the Netflix website instantly.
  2. Study and choose the plan that best suits your pocket and time duration. The plan would be in accordance to the time and gadget. From thereon, the amount is decided. Another factor should be considered which is the availability of the app on number of laptops and smart phones.
  3. After wise selection of the plan, the user needs to fill in their email id, create a password which would lead to formation of his individual account.
  4. There is no charge during the free trial so, the user is free to cancel his trial anytime he likes to. When the trial is about to end, user has to cancel their account to make sure that he does not become a Netflix member.


  1. After the end of the trial, if the user has not cancelled his trial before neither has removed his account, he would be automatically be charged for the monthly fee irrespective of how much he watches or uses the app.
  2. The payment package is asked before signing to make that there is no interruption in service after the finishing of the trial. An authorized request is send to the user’s financial institution to verify the payment method once.
  3. There is difference of time duration in varying regions and there could be places wherein this free trial testing may not have started yet.



  1. The entertainment is not limited to the walls of your home. With Netflix, the user can easily enjoy his downloaded series and shows anytime and anywhere.
  2. The content provided by Netflix is very different in taste and story line. Such serials are unavailable on Television.
  3. Being a popular streaming app, many producers are investing in Netflix for airing their show than other platforms available.


Even though Netflix wins in having more pros than cons but, an individual should be aware about Netflix’s drawbacks.

  1. The user must have decent internet speed to avoid any interruption during show and deterioration of the quality.
  2. Netflix is not able to contain new series that are showed on Amazon Prime leading to loss of content that users may want to watch leading to low user subscriptions.
  3. In terms of gadget availability, users are restricted with using only few different laptops and for using Netflix on phone, it requires a different payment plan. In such terms, competitors such as Amazon Prime score more as they allow one subscription of many phones and 1 – 2 laptops.
  4. Netflix provides appealing and unique content but, it’s price cannot be ignored. The monthly subscription is high and the yearly basis is even more exorbitant. Due to this reason, users have removed their subscription and chosen the lower price streaming apps.


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